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Boating and Folding Bikes

With ease of storage and quality construction, folding bicycles on board boats give you the freedom to travel by land at boating destinations.

One of the best parts about taking a boat trip is exploring new ports and waterside towns. But after you dock your boat at a marina it’s not always easy to get around town on land.

Having a bike on board gives you easy access to everything that waterside towns can offer transient boaters – and folding bikes make it even easier to carry and stow a bike on board.

While some marinas may offer transients access to rental bicycles, bringing your own bike with you on your cruises gives you a lot more flexibility and freedom. You are not restricted to a short rental time limit or certain times of the day. And you do not have to cycle around town on a bike that is outdated or poorly maintained (you know the marina bikes you usually get… wide handlebars, big wire basket and bald tires).


Why buy a folding bike for boat travel?

And they fold for safe and dry storage in the hold. As boating bicycles go, there is no better bike for boat travel, whether you are looking for a folding bike for your sailboat, yacht, powerboat, or just for around the boatyard or marina. So next time you travel, pull into port and pull out your new FoldnGo Bike.

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