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FoldnGo Bikes for Traveling

You may be surprised to hear that folding bikes have been around since the 1890s when the French army needed a flexible form of transit that was easy to carry. The recent upsurge in interest has coincided with the growing global consciousness regarding fossil fuels and reducing carbon footprints on the environment.

Folding bikes are uber handy for travel and can be taken on a plane or a taxi and are an ideal way to explore countryside's and tourist destinations without paying for transport or bicycle hire. You may seamlessly transition from road to bus to train without the problem of storing your bicycle.

Folding bikes are also more secure as you may keep your bike about your person when commuting or traveling in unfamiliar destinations. Adapting vehicles with racks for bikes is costly and looks cumbersome and may not be ideal for those who would like to use their bicycles in urban areas.

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